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F100 3.x
F100 2.x
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Software Release Notes
F100 3.0.24
F100 3.0.19e
F100 3.0.19c
F100 3.0.19b
F100 3.0.19
F100 3.0.15
F100 pre-3.0.15

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F100 3.0.24 for MS-Windows and F100 Firmware 1.0.21d

F100 changes since last release

  • Added command log to view history of past program run/copy with date stamp
  • Running line highlight during run can now be turned off with by adding showRunLine=0 in f100.cfg. This allows editing the program file while a program is running.

Firmware changes since last release

  • Fixed a bug that caused the fuzz command tu run longer than expected in rare cases.