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Frequency Generators
F110 Board
F175 AWG

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Atelier Robin
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Latest Update Jan 05 2009

We are currently working on a new prorgammable frequency generator, the F175.

The F175 is a 20 MHZ arbitrary waveform generator. It can produce sine, square, saw, white noise as well as any user defined waveform.  Here are the most up to date specifications:

  • 20 MHZ max analog bandwidth
  • 100 MHZ sampling rate
  • 14 bits per sample DAC
  • 266752 samples memory (256 K * 16 bit words)
  • Max DC amplitude 13 Vpp
  • Max AC amplitude 26 Vpp
  • Output low pass filter: 35 MHZ
  • Standalone operation
  • Ethernet interface for connection to PC/Mac/Linux and operation via F100 software
  • SDCard flash storage, up to 4GB
  • Fully programmable either from a PC/Mac/Linux

Update Jan 5 2009

In the past month, we have been testing various user input/output devices and digital communication links that can operate in very noisy RF environments such as plasma generated fields. We have completely ruled out USB. We have also ruled out IR (infra red) remote controls.  The most reliable digital communication link we have tested is wired Ethernet. It has many advantages:

  • Completely immune to RF noise from plasma tubes
  • Cheap and easy to find hardware
  • Can be run over long distances. (we tested a 50ft link operating next to a 300W plasma tube)
  • Electrical isolation

So it looks like we will be using Ethernet patch cables to link all components of the modular F175 system (AWG module, Central microncontroller module, keypad/LCD module). Ethernet will also be the link we will use to connect the F175 to the user's computer (PC/Mac/Linux)

Note to current customers: We have many customers looking at ou F125/165/170 generators for their square wave generation needs who are asking us if the F175 is a replacement or "better" than our current generators. Please note that the F175 does not replace our current square wave generators. It is an arbitrary wave form generator. Those are typicaly used to run non-square waves. They are of course able to run square waves but it would be overkill to pay the price of an arbitrary waveform generator strictly to run square waves. Also, our current generator models were also designed to run in very noisy RF environments (300W plasma tubes) and are used in theses types of fileds on a daily basis.

Price for the F175 will vary from approximately $1700 for the standalone model in qty 1 to about $500 for a generator board in quantity 20. 

We expect to have production boards available in the first quarter of  2009.

Patrick Robin