F175 Installation

Your frequency generator has the following  connectors/switches:


  • 12 Volt DC 1 Amp, 2.1mm power connector
  • Ethernet connector
  • BNC output 1 (I): amplified 0-13VDC or 0-26Vpp AC
  • BNC output 2 (II): fixed amplitude , 5V TTL
  • Amplitude (volume) adjust knob for BNC output 2 (II)

Connect the F175 to your ethernet network with the cable provided. Connect the power adapter to the F175. The F175 will take a few seconds to startup.

The F175 can be controlled either from the LCD touch panel or from a computer. To control the F175 from a computer, you will need ethernet connectivity. The F175 supports automatic connection via the DHCP protocol. It also supports a static IP address mode.  By default, when you first turn on the generator, it looks for a DHCP server on your network and tries to obtain an IP address from it.

To verify if ethernet connectivity succeded, select help->about in the F175 menu. If you see an IP address listed it means a DHCP server was found and your F175 is ready to communicate with your computer. Write down the IP address listed since you will use it in your web browser to communicate with the F175.

On your computer, start a browser of your choice (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc). In the URL address field, type the IP address for the F175, for example:

You should now see the main web page for the F175. You are now ready to start using your F175. Click on "Help->User Guide" in the menu to see the F175 user guide. It contains simple examples to get you started.