F175 Software

F175b Android software 2.0.16

This is the Android application for the F175b. This software is only for Android tablets and only for the f175b based on Android tablets.  To intall the application execute these steps from your Android tablet:

1) Open the web browser (Chrome) and type this in the URL field:


2) Save the file above

3) Open the “Downloads” application on your Android tablet

4) Click on the f100.apk file and let it install

5) Turn off your tablet completely by holding the power button for a few seconds

6) Turn your tablet back on by pressing the power button for a few seconds


The F175 Toolbox software is a set of tools related to our F175 arbitrary waveform generators. It lets you create new waveforms and view them in 2D graphical form.

It is currently available for MS-Windows as a self installer (setup.exe) and for Linux and Mac as a tar archive containing the f175.jar java application.

F175 1.1.0 for MS-Windows 

F175 1.1.0  for Linux and Mac