P220 Getting Started

The P220 has an internal F104 frequency generator. You need to install the F100 software for the P220 available is the Downloads section of atelierrobin.net. The F100 software can be used to run frequency programs from a computer. You can also copy a frequency program to the P220 to be run automatically when you turn on the power to the P220.

The P220 can be connected to plasma tubes with internal electrodes (EMEM type). You can also connect the Aux port of the P220 to external electrodes in water.

The Aux/Tube toggle switch on the front of the P220 lets you switch between Aux and Tube modes of operation. When in Tube mode, the red Led will be lit continuously. When in Aux mode, the blue Led will pulsate at the frequency being produced.

There is a USB C port on the back of the P220 to connect to your computer with the USB cable provided.


Follow the instruction bellow to avoid a blown fuse or damage to the P220.

  • Always make sure a tube is connected to the P220 before running a program in tube mode. (Red Led is turned on).
  • Always stop a running program before disconnecting the tube wires or Aux cable.
  • Always make sure that the Aux cable is fully inserted before running a program in Aux mode. It is OK to run programs in Aux mode with no cable connected but never run a program with the cable partially inserted in the plug (not fulle seated).
  • Always stop a running program before switching between modes (Tube/Aux).


  • Do not touch the contacts of the Tube output while a program is running.
  • Do not touch bare Tube contacts while a program is running.

If you ever switch from Aux to Tube mode while a program is running, the P220 will stop the program within 2 seconds. This is normal behavior to avoid damage to a plasma tube. Press run again to restart the program safely.

If your plasma tube gets too hot to handle, stop the program and try a lower duty cycle (duty command) before restarting the program.

The P220 is equipped with different protection circuits to avoid internal damage. There are 2 fuses, one in the front (5A fast blow) and one in the back (2A fast blow). The main power supply also has short circuit and overload protection and it will automatically shutdown in such cases. To reset the power supply, turn off the front power switch and disconnect the power cable from the back for 20 seconds and plug it back in. Turn on the P220 and it should work again. If not, first check the front fuse and then the rear fuse and replace if necessary. Only use quality fast blow fuses. To replace a fuse, use a flat screw driver and push the spring loaded cap inward and turn CCW about 1/4 turn until the switch holder pulls out. Install a new fuse in the fuse holder and insert in the fuse socket. If it doesn’t want to insert, turn the holder half a turn and try again. Then apply pressure against the spring loaded holder and turn CW a 1/4 turn to latch it into place.