F125 Frequency Generator 1.5 Mhz


1.5 Mhz square wave programmable frequency generator.

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Note: Due to components shortages, the F125 is no longer available. The F165 is still available and programs written for the F125 run without any modifications on the F165. The F165 has all the features (and more) of the F125 and is fully compatible with the F125.


The F125 can run standalone up to 1500 program files copied from a PC or Mac. It is also possible to connect the F125 to a computer via a USB port and control it with the F100 software.

F125 Technical Specifications

  • Standalone DDS square wave frequency generation controlled by internal 32 bit processor
  • 2MB internal flash memory to store up to 1800 individual frequency program files
  • Backlit LCD display (2 lines x 16 characters) and 16 key keypad to open/run files
  • MS-Windows and Mac OS X F100 3.0 software to copy files to the generator internal storage
  • MS-Windows F100 3.0 software to control the F125 from a PC USB port in the same way our current generators operate.
  • All software can be freely downloaded from our web site in the downloads section
  • Create/edit/run program files from the keypad, no PC necessary.
  • Program file format fully compatible with F100 2.0 and our previous generators
  • 2 internal channels that can run frequencies from 0 HZ to : A:1.5 MHZ, B:100 KHZ
  • 2 external BNC output connectors, one 5 V TTL, one variable amplitude.
  • Channels A,B can be routed to BNC outputs 1 or 2 in any combination (see note 2)
  • Any of the 2 internal channels can be used as a carrier for the other two channels
  • Channel A,B frequency resolution: .01 HZ
  • Reference quartz oscillator stability: 50 ppm
  • Channels A,B duty cycle programmable in 64 (1.5625 %) steps when running in positive offset (DC) mode.
  • Adjustable amplitude via front knob from 0-13VDC or 0-26VAC
  • Programmable offset: Fully positive or AC centered at 0V
  • Max output current 125 ma
  • Amplified output short circuit protected
  • Dimensions: 3.35 “x 6.5″ x 1.25”
  • 6ft USB cable included
  • Input power connector 2.1mm
  • Wall transformer provided with North American plug type. Compatible with 110VAC-240VAC 50-60HZ input.
  • Power input: 2.1 mm, 12 VDC, 1A.
  • One year warranty , parts and labor.


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Note 2: The F125 has 2 independent internal frequency generators (A,B) and 2 BNC output connectors (1,2). A programmable multiplexer allows you to assign any internal channel(s) to any external BNC output(s) in any combination. For example, BNC connectors 1 or 2 can be individually programmed to output channels A , B, AB. When more than one internal channel is output from one of the BNC connectors, the channels are mixed with a logic AND operation.

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