F175 Arbitrary Waveform Generator


20 Mhz Arbitrary waveform generator.

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The F175 is a 20 MHZ arbitrary waveform generator. It can produce sine, square, saw, white, pink, brown noise as well as any user defined waveform. Here are the specifications:

  • 20 MHZ max analog bandwidth
  • 75 MHZ sampling rate
  • 14 bits per sample DAC
  • 262144 samples memory (256 K * 16 bit words)
  • Max DC amplitude 13 Vpp
  • Max AC amplitude 26 Vpp
  • Output low pass filter: 35 MHZ
  • 0.002 HZ step size for AWG channel
  • 2 MHZ gating channel, square wave gating of the 20 MHZ arbitrary waveform channel
  • Android tablet included. Wireless bluetooth communication between tablet and F175 generator
  • All generator functions are programmable via LUA scripting
  • Tablet wifi connection to PC/Mac/Linux/etc and operation via web interface
  • Fully programmable from a PC/Mac/Linux/etc web browser ( Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Explorer)
  • The F175 Toolbox software can be freely downloaded from our web site in the downloads section.
  • F175 overall dimensions: 8″x6″x1″
  • One year warranty , parts and labor.

You can read more about the F175 hardware and software in the F175 User Guide.

Some sample waveforms generated with the F175. Oscilloscope is a Tektronix 475, 100 MHZ.:




3 MHZ sine wave 3 MHZ triangle wave 800 KHZ saw wave





F175 With Case


Note: The F175 AWG does not replace our current square wave generator models(F125/165/170/110). It is an arbitrary waveform generator. Its mainstrength is in producing non-square waves. Of course it is also ableto produce square waves but if you only need generate square waves,please look at our other models: F125/165/170/112.

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