F102 Frequency Generator board


2.5 Mhz square wave programmable frequency generator.


The F102 square wave frequency generator is a WiFi connected, dual channel , 2.5 MHZ square wave generator. It can be driven from a PC or Mac or Linux computer. It can also run one program file in standalone mode, not connected to a computer. The F102 needs a wireless connection to a computer via  Wifi  to be programmed using the F100 7.x software. Program files written for our F125/165/170/101 are compatible with the new F102. The F102 has a single 5V TTL BNC output. Each generator comes with a 12VDC wall transformer.

F102 Specifications:

  • DDS square wave frequency generation controlled by internal 32 bit processor
  • MS-Windows, Mac, Linux F100 7.x software to control the F102 via Wifi from a computer.
  • All software can be freely downloaded from our web site in the downloads section
  • Program file format fully compatible with F100 4.x and our current generators: F125/165/170
  • 2 internal channels: A:2.5 MHZ, B:2.5 MHZ
  • 1 BNC output 5 V TTL.
  • Channels A,B can be routed to the output in any combination.
  • Any of the 2 internal channels can be used as a carrier for the other channel.
  • Channel A,B frequency resolution (step size): .0009 HZ
  • Reference quartz oscillator stability: 50 ppm
  • Channels A,B duty cycle programmable in 64 (1.5625 %) steps.
  • Can be programmed to automatically load and run a program at powerup in standalone mode without the need for a PC.
  • Max output current 100 ma
  • Dimensions: 2.925 “x 4.7″ x 1”
  • Input power requirements: The wall transformer provided is compatible with 110-240VAC 50-60HZ
  • One year warranty , parts and labor.